René at RC-Scene / "Rc-Scheme" Still a MethHead, Still Begging for Money for His NPS Tabloid Nonsense.

Sep 6, 2021

Just more slander. Source: /

Still Can't just put the pipe down I guess.

Despite literally trying to struggle to keep my sanity, my life and survive in this worldwide socioeconomic and COVID-19 chaos. Speaking for the entire US Research Comnunity, PUT THE PIPE DOWN, GET A JOB, AND GET A LIFE.

This comment below was posted on his site, but it will probably get deleted like any actually positive review for any US vendor.

" Rene, put the pipe down and seriously, get a life. Like I've reported you to Reddit, your own little FBI link, and also on Dopek, Dread, and everywhere else Google can reach. I dare you to even approve this comment. but I'll post an article that's coherent and legible, so that people can continue to laugh at your stim-filled snitching and doxxing. Quite frankly, fuck you for doxxing me, berg, petro, paracelsus or anyone who has the spine to call you out on your slander. Get a life, A JOB that isn't just WHINING, and being a complete disgrace to an already struggling community of people just trying to survive in this world of COVID, and blaming "Quaisseiz-Faire" Capitalism in the USA. You probably would struggle to understand the joke, despite knowing all about everything in the EU, except your own country.
Sources: Google, Investopedia:
"Laissez-faire Capitalism is an economic philosophy of free-market capitalism that opposes government intervention. The theory of laissez-faire was developed by the French Physiocrats during the 18th century and believes that economic success is more likely the less governments are involved in business.
Laissez-Faire Definition - Investopedia
But still, totally a free site. But You can extort people and demand money to pay for your substance abuse problems.

Enjoy the article. It'll even be on every possible vendor site I can possibly post on, including Trustpilot and Trustspot.

Enjoy your Labor Day. Or Slander Day; Whichever you prefer.

-The US Research community.

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