RC-Scene changes overnight to http: //newsletter.rc-scene.com, Despite claims of a 3 month hiatus - Weightless promises, Exiting to save their Integrity, or just going bankrupt?

Mar 10, 2021
[Source 08/03/21](https://twitter.com/rc_scene/status/1369539162454564868)

I expect this to be manipulated for PR fast, so I screenshotted the page. all credit goes to RC-Scene© / Newsletter.rc-scene.com

Three months or nine hours? 

Despite claiming an indefinite return somewhere around "March" (Hey, How was long was Final Fantasy 15 was "delayed until March? two, three times? )

Promises can't always be kept. Nobody's perfect. We get that.

Companies requesting donations rather quickly, is many times a company being in financial jeopardy.
His twitter even sources the new site with no announce as to their mysterious 3 month long disappearance? ©Rc-scene

I Feel an obligation to inform you: that's not the hermit crab's only shell: However. despite all of the claims to success and having FAR more siteviews than Dopek and was competing with Reddit.

Revue also?

Their sudden change in venue is unannounced, sudden change in host and URL (originally researchchemicalscene.wordpress.com) is worrysome. RC News sites are far and few in between, and those who provide unbiaised content even rarer. I wish them the best and due to BTC fees couldn't provide more than a small donation for assistance. I just hope integrity is what I donated to.


Author, Editor-in-Chief at Seeksanctuary

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