RC-Scene's Lies, Cries, & Rebranding: A story of the Destruction of the US NPS Community. [22/06/21 UPDATE: "KØMPRØMÆT" ADMITS TO "FBI INVESTIGATION", ANNOUNCES DOMAIN "RC-SCENE.COM" NOW FOR SALE.]

Jun 22, 2021

## This article was published not out of any kind of animosity towards RC-Scene, its' affiliates,Renè, or their contributions to the Research Chemical community, but more of a final submission to the hate mail, the libel, the false allegations, and the damage that blog has done to the US Research and Harm Reduction community.

UPDATE 22/06/21: Whether or not this is an attempt to be "Cute" or not, this is adds more insurmountable evidence to KØMPRØMÆT, AKA Renè(Clickbait Enthusiast, Owner of RC-SCENE)'s own gloating of working with an "FBI task force". Immediately after the following image was uploaded, he put his domain "Rc-Scene.com" up for sale.

Did his ability to bully and spread disinformation to an already struggling domestic RC community Finally run out? We can hope so, although we find that unlikely as this entire article covers his choice to Rebrand and migrate RC-Scene's articles and tabloid-related content slowly onto a new identity, with the same "Death to Scammers" mentality you'd expect from a person who was Denied Free samples of Research compounds, and made a blog to cry about it. Actually, Renè made about 5 different social platforms to cry about it.

Despite claims of RC-Scene being "Dead" as of March 13th, 2021, they simply rebranded and made a sister site, in an attempt to Become the new Judge, Jury, and Executioner of US NPS Vendors. It didn't take him long after being investigated for Crypto-Laundering to purchase a new domain with EXACTLY the same content, all redirecting to Rc-Scene.

So he made this fancy new wordpress site, with nothing but redirects to the slanderous articles and propaganda he and his tabloid perpetrates.

https://buy.research-chemicals.online/ . Literally the opposite of "Not Sourcing."

Gosh, you are just SO Sneaky Renè!

Every.Single.Quote in this article is from Rc-scene.com directly, And I have not altered or taken any statements out of context.

I censored the following image because I have integrity but here's one example of the "Scammer Savior's" handy work:

Due to having actual journalistic integrity, I actually have the human decency to protect a vendor's identity. Snitching doesn't make you reputable. Might be news to RC-Scene.

If Rc-Scene wasn't already showing an IQ lower than my shoe size, This is the "Terms of Use" (If you can contain your laughter for just a moment).
Essentially, it says "I can steal information under the fair use act, but you use any content from RC-scene, because its covered under the Fair Use Act. (Which by the way, is an American Statute, and doesn't apply to foreign nations, which is why It wouldn't surprise me if he himself was an American citizen, judging by the sudden concern to adhere to the rules of the Associated Press.)

"Breaking news" basically means any RC Vendor that he wants to defamate at that moment.BUT ITS OKAY, IT CAN BE "CORRECTED" WHENEVER SOMEONE DISCREDITS HIS STORY.

"And Completely Unbiased." - Renè, Rc-Scene(2021).

Source: Rc-Scene

Quite a claim when in the same article he has the audacity to  proceed with this:

Despite his claim's of being unbiased, His site contains almost TRIPLE the number of articles and walls of stim-fueled nonsense targeting the US NPS community, versus those about International legislation or unbiased vendor reviews combined. Here's an example of his "Completely Unbiased" Journalism and his Undeniable humility:

I'm pretty sure offering a "30 Day Money Back Guarantee" For the vendors YOU endorse, is far from being a "Non profit run on donations", My friend.

It wasn't long before he immediately went back to proclaiming to be the Ruler of the Research Community's free will.

He still had to take some form of credit to stay socially relevant, so I guess leaving this in the footer was a way to redirect his clickbait.
Again though, COMPLETELY Unbiased and NO Defamation or slander in his comments section, but I guess he can slander anyone he wants.

Protester throws tear gas canister back at police during a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Oregon. People have been protesting police brutality and the deaths of several members of the Black community - sparked by the recent death of George Floyd.
What justice, exactly?

Important Note: Every.Single.Quote.is from Rc-scene.com directly, And I have not altered or taken any of Renè's statements out of context. you can certainly read them yourself. However, You might have an issue Voicing any kind of allegations of user censorship:

He seriously admits to censoring anything that disputes or questions his allegations:

If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current, or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Site (or any portion thereof).
- RC-Scheme.com
Well, now is certainly a good time, Renè.

There are plenty of other reputable News/Harm Reduction Sites Covering NPS. Actually Several. So please, US Researchers. This isn't a shill for anyone, but to stop the doxxing and cyberbullying from a keyboard warrior. Scammers deserve to be brought to light, but they should also have the right to an Uncensored, Transparent, and Unbiased opportunity to defend themselves or correct an oversight in an order. Maybe they were in the hospital, or perhaps grieving over a loved one.

Go Beyond the shallow and hatefully written accusations from "Renè", a personified temper tantrum, and do a little digging; talk to vendors before you make a purchase, judge their integrity and their professionalism on your own Merit! Nobody could meet Rc-Scene's  demands of a personal RCamazon.com, and Rc-Scene would simply prove my point if they tried to defend against that mentality, in part due to the potential that Renè simply doesn't know anything about not using profanity or caps lock to prove a point, but there is a professional way to make a scammer list. For example, Not using the words "Death, FBI, US =Drug Cartel, or DEA" as hollow threats to America, unless you're an American citizen.

It's Awfully strange that all RC-Scheme can manage to publish its' yellow journalism and hollow LE threats about American vendors, but you'll gladly share pictures and reviews of EU Vendor's products, which is your own admission to circumventing the law. Since you don't live in this country, or claim not to, Why don't you post about those vendors you can ACTUALLY purchase from? Oh wait, you can't, because your country bans the purchase and importation of ALL NPS, yet all you do is glorify your substance abuse via reviewing substances you legally can't even research. It's laughable. A tip: You should Practice what you preach.

He even cites US laws? (aren't you From France? or Austria? or something? - to defend his delusion that his blog is considered his own intellectual property. News Flash: It's your web hosts'.)

Donkey at the cliffs of Etretat, France.
I couldn't have found a better depiction except having an IUPAC labelled bag in his mouth.

My closing words are simple: Think. Use Trustspot, Word of mouth, Reviews from MORE than one source, The list goes on. They may not all be unbiased, but they don't have to doxx or extort US citizens trying to put food on the table to make people respect you. You just have to be transparent.

This Article is dedicated to the US RC Scene; Not just the vendors, but to the researchers and harm reductionists alike. We have a common goal of keeping this scene alive; not Burying into the ground and Shouting "Death to Scammers", many of whom aren't actually scammers. Real Life happens, and vendors have families and responsibilities. They don't need Their freedom endangered by some power-tripping sociopath who doesn't even live in the US.

-Sellkies, CEO / Author @ Seeksanctuary.net

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