NEW EMAIL:  Sellkies@Seeksanctuary.net - MY OLD ACCOUNT IS NOT IN USE ANYMORE.
UPDATE* (03/20/20)

Hey guys!

The Seek Sanctuary forum is now up! However, I've made a new protonmail to involve all our support staff;

Sellkies@Seeksanctuary.net is my new inbox for orders. this page is being upgraded! Seek Sanctuary if you're an old friend of mine, and new friends can email me Sellkies@seeksanctuary.net or the usual platforms. We have exciting things planned!                                                                                                                                                             🔶🔶

updated (Mar 10th)

Hey there,

SeekSanctuary is now are now also offering Third-party Reagent Testing Free of Charge for "Verified Vendors and Samplers" or anyone in our community to see if a compound is authentic. This will including time-lapsed video samples to show how a reagent reacts, which adds to the validity of any Reagent analysis.

This service is offered independently from my lab to prevent bias of any kind. Lets Make the best 2021 can be, and thank you all for Seeking Sanctuary.

We have lost many people due to these
arduous / trying times, And I want 2021 to break the cycle.


-Sellkies Labs LLC / Keeper of Sanctuary