TRUSTPILOT - Deleting Reviews & Accounts "Just in Case"

Mar 6, 2021

Following the March 1st Announcement to go Public, Trustpilot deletes over 2.2 million accredited businesses' reviews as well as Paid Accounts for allegedly being "bad/fake reviews".

Despite being legitimate, tax-paying small business owners, many RC vendors in Europe, such as the highly-acclaimed Chemical-Collective (prior to their sudden removal, Chemical-Collective had a whopping Four Point Seven Star average trustpilot review score from "1,400- verified members") as well as several other NL vendors such as Chemical Planet, Rarechems, and several others. This of course includes their subsidized Austrian review/tabloid

  • Over 2.2m (5.7%) fake* reviews were detected and curbed from nearly 39 million written in 2020

  • Trustpilot enforces platform guidelines issuing over 1,000 formal ‘cease and desist’ letters and 522 public consumer warnings during 2020

  • Continued growth in Trustpilot’s publicly open platform shows the importance of consumers wanting to share their experiences without fear of manipulation.

"...and there may be suspicion that, by charging businesses to send out review invitations and reminders, it might be helping them skew their scores." - Carolyn Jameson, Head of Marketing, CMA.

-source:BBC News

This, of course comes right after Trustpilot's March 1st announcement to go Public as an IPO in the London Stock Exchange.

Peter Holten Mühlmann, Trustpilot CEO.

This follows the sudden audit of 2.2 million suddenly "fake" verified trustpilot reviews, which were deleted on March 4th, following their sudden announcement on March 1st. Despite CEO Peter Holten Mühlmann already admitting to breaking a promise of accountability in June 2020 he admitted his company failed to keep.

Source: Trustpilot's blog

Despite claiming that RC Vendors "provide illegal content", NL-based Chemical-Collective, as well a dozen other small businesses that handle the sale and research of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), have continued to abide by the Law and jurisdiction of the Netherlands.

This also comes at a time in which Chemical-Collective reached and broke an all-time record for positive Trustpilot reviews; Despite their Monthly newsletter celebrating this milestone, within ours, a followup laid out the details surrounding the complete censorship and deletion of their Trustpilot legacy and credibility. Trustpilot is a paid service of almost 3,000 Euros a year, that is non-refundable. I've reached out to Realchems as well as Chemical-Collective, and also other vendors across the scene in both the US and China. While US Vendors are highly stigmatized due to many having a poor business ethic, many including clearnet vendors EZSolutions of the US, and LongFlourishRC of China, both of whom operate within the laws of their own countries, and also do not ship scheduled compounds where they aren't permissible. Yet Only NL Vendors such as Realchems, Coolchems, etc are facing prejudice and it almost seems like the competition is being character assassinated in an attempt to get their reputations mired in skepticism.

"Trustpilot haven't responded to our [inquiry into why our account was getting removed and reviews deleted]. Out of all the effected vendors, I believe they have only responded to RealChems but just reiterated that they were a 'bad fit business'. The definitions of this are pretty clear though and we don't come under of any of Trustpilots' [defintitions of a "bad business."]

...At the end of the day, as a private business, Trustpilot have the rights to withhold their services - but defining us as a 'bad fit business' is defamation and just not true."

"We believe in creating an overall experience for our customers, with the best customer service and support we can give with a dedicated customer support team."

-Official Statement from Chemical Collective's support staff.

Chemical-Collective is one of the few legitimate NPS Vendors that not only pays taxes, but has the integrity to follow legislation Worldwide, not just Europe, making them one of the only "True" Clearnet research groups.

Chemical-Collective's respresentative continued:

Despite their best efforts,their attempt at censorship has been almost completely ineffective. As of 11 days ago (you can see This embed at the time of this writing still however as of 25/02/21. Trustpilot might've actually been able to have a snowballs chance in hell to remain impartial prior to March 1st.) CC has a 4.7 Trustpilot score in addition to 1,441 AUTHENTIC reviews. Where did they go? Oh right. Mass deletion due to a single party? or perhaps Trustpilot has ulterior motives?

"...It's a kick in the teeth to:

A: be targeted like this by trustpilot. Our reviews really show the work we've been putting in,

B: Be falsely targeted while other vendors who don't uphold the ethics and beliefs that we do get left alone."

  • The Representative for Chemical Collective.

Trustpilot was incapable of being reached for comment by the Associated Press in the US due to region-locking most of their press section ( on their website to IP Addresses in the USA.

RC-scene was reachable for comment, but illegible due to the amount of profanity and threats of retaliation.

(Authors Note: I had to use a VPN + Mozilla Nightly to even find half of this information, which is still legally distributed under the Descriptive Fair Use doctrine in the United States, and Fair Dealing exclusion in the Commonwealth of Nations in the EU. All of this content can also be read in cache data found around the Web.)

Associate Director of Public Relations "Aynrose", of was "Absolutely horrified" by the bias presented in the content removal of dozens of reputable businesses, even removal and exclusion of reviews found outside the RC Industry.

"What I'm seeing is an absolute travesty that decimates the integrity of the third-party review industry in Europe. These companies are largely dependant on feedback found via user-submitted criticism, as well as word of mouth, and their reputations depend upon it. It's absolutely dispicable that Trustpilot is regarded as the Gold standard for a business's quality of service, when [Trustpilot] continues to allow yellow journalism in its worst form since The Bay of Pigs Scandal in 1961." - Aynrose,

UPDATE (07/03/21):  A Cursory glance at Trustpilot's own subreddit shows the solicitation and/or the sale of Review scores for money, whether or not its via proxy, They have no regard for this fraudulent and atrocious behavior. Source:

Phillip J. Fry, protangonist of Futurama©, and alter-ego of Sellkies, author and editor-in-chief at
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